Costume Design






Employment history

BBC World Service TV Comercial

Gorgeous Productions Director Chris Palmer 2016

Murdered by My Father BBC 3 Drama

Director Bruce Goodison 2015

Costume Deisgner   Letters from Baghdad  

Between the rivers productions Directors Sabine Krayenbul and Zeva Oelbaum 2015

Costume Designer    Alzheimers Society Comercial

Pluse Films  Directors 32 2015

Costume Supervisor  Burnt  

John wells production Director John Wells 2014

Costume design   Find my past  

Agile Films Director Max Myers 2014

Costume design  KFC commercial

Pluse Films Directors 32  2014

Costume designer The Paradise Series 2 (BBC1 - 1870’s period TV series) 2013

Directors: David Drury, Bill Gallagher, Kenny Glenaan

Costume designer Stage Door Johnny (Hat Tricks Productions/Sky Arts – contemporary Comedy) 2012

Director: Catherine McCormack

Costume designer Singularity (UK shoot) (Wildkite Productions – contemporary feature film) 2012

Dirctor: Roland Joffe

Costume designer Behind These Eyes (Ribeye Films - short film) 2012

Director: Garrick Ham

Costume designer Getting On Series 3 (Vera Productions/BBC4 – contemporary TV series) 2012

Director: Sue Tully

Costume designer A thousand Kisses Deep (Tomori Films – 1970’s – contemporary feature film)2011

Director: Dana Lustig

Costume designer T-Mobile Royal Wedding Viral (Gorgeous Productions - commercial)2011

Director: Chris Palmer

Costume designer Notes on A Scandal (DNA Films – contemporary feature film) 2006

(de facto) Director: Richard Eyre

Costume designer The Fugitives (Shed Productions)2005

Director: Jane Prowse

Assistant Birthday Girl (Miramax – contemporary feature film) 2001

Costume Designer Director: Jez Butterworth

Costume supervisor Summer in February (CrossDay Productions – 1912 period feature film) 2012

Director: Christopher Menaul

Costume supervisor The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Fox Searchlight – contemporary feature film) 2011

Director: John Madden

Costume supervisor The Woman in Black (Hammer Films – 1850’s period feature film) 2011

Director: James Watkins

Costume supervisor Killer Elite (UK Shoot) (Omnilab Media – contemporary feature film) 2010

Director: Garry McKendry

Costume supervisor Made in Dagenham (Palace Features – 1960’s period feature film) 2009

Director: Nigel Cole

Costume supervisor The Wolfman (Universal Picture – 1880’s period feature film) 2009

Director: Joe Johnson

Costume supervisor The Good Shepherds (Universal Picture – 1940’s period feature film) 2005

(Supervised 1940’s UK crowd section) Director: Robert De Niro

Costume supervisor Stage Beauty (Lion Gates Film – 1650’s period feature film) 2004

Director: Richard Eyre

Costume supervisor Braveheart (Icon entertainment – medival period feature film) 1994

Director: Mel Gibson

Allison Wyldeck Costume Design

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